5 Reasons Boaz Can’t Find Yo Azz…

And whatever happened to Orpah?

Assuming you are not familiar with the bible story of Naomi, Ruth, Boaz and let us not forget Orpah. I will briefly fill you in on some of the details (story told in my voice and the revelations I received).

The story goes as follows: there was a famine that plagued the land.  Elimelech, the husband of Naomi, had met his demise in Moab; leaving Naomi, with their two sons (Mahlon and Chileon). 

The boys married Moabite women and then in a strange twist of fate, the both of them died, leaving Naomi in a strange land with her Moabite daughter in laws, Ruth and Orpah.  

Fortunately, Naomi got wind that God had hooked her people up with some food and so she decided to return to her homeland of Bethlehem where one of her relatives lived – who was doing quite well for himself (enter one Boaz).

Now Orpah, daughter in law of Naomi, told her sister Ruth and her mother in law to go on without her.  She basically said “I’m good. I think I’ll stay right here where I know folks and they know me…“.

Ruth, on other hand, was like “girl bye“! Ruth decided she was going to take that road trip with Naomi and open herself up to new people and new opportunities.  She decided she would push through the pain, the hurt and the setback of losing her father in law and her husband so unexpectedly.

She decided that she was going to step out of her comfort zone and put herself in a better position to thrive in a new land. Ruth made a shift in her beliefs and allowed her values to align with God’s word. Her love for God, herself, and her family spilled over into the love she had to offer others.

After Naomi and Ruth made their way to Bethlehem, they used their collaborative efforts to find food in the fields of Naomi’s wealthy relative Boaz.  The story implies that Boaz was a man of God and that the Lord played a very important part of his life.  

It was also written that the law required that farmers could not reap from the corners of their grain fields nor gather the gleanings.  So Ruth understanding that her mother in law was in no condition to glean fields of grain, she decided that she would do the work herself to keep them both alive.  It was hard work, but the pay-off was worth it.

Ruth, remained humble and focused on her work. She was determined to have a better life for her and her mother in law which is how she caught the attention of Boaz.

But, whatever happened to Orpah? The short answer, I don’t know.

However, I do believe that the story could have easily been about Orpah and Boaz had Orpah focused on the possibilities instead of her fears.

Although there are more details that have not been shared, I want to point out a few key points that I believe are relative to our modern experiences and why some of us have not been found by our “Boaz”.   I believe it’s because we make, what I call, Orpah decisions and these are also the 5 reasons why Boaz can’t find our a..:

  1. FEAR – You’ve allowed the uncertainty of moving on and moving forward dictate your decisions; therefore, delaying or denying you of rich opportunities to meet someone new.

  1. FAMILIARITY – You’ve stayed stuck in your comfort zone (with people from your past) because they are familiar and you’ve developed a false sense of security with them.

  1. FAITH – You haven’t put all your trust in God; instead you focus on your problems instead of the problem solver. Perhaps you don’t really believe you are worth the effort?

  1. FORTITUDE – Or the lack thereof, you have to have courage in the face of adversity and challenges. Clarity comes on the other side of courage.

  1. FOOTING – You’re unwilling to invest the time and energy into working while you heal your pain, which in the end, position’s you to attract real love.

I’m not saying that these are the ONLY reasons that are keeping you from attracting love; however, I am saying these may be SOME of the reasons. If you’re unsure about where you stand on these 5 reasons, I believe they are worth examining.

Imagine what your life would look like when you are honest with yourself about what’s really holding you back from having the life you want and deserve. I’d love to hear from you and get your take on my hypothesis.

So head on over to the comments section and share how or if the “Orpah mindset” has held you back from receiving the love you desire and what you did to change it.  

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