It’s Time To Burn Some D*mn Bridges!

Usually when you hear the words “burn bridges”, you think – this is “no bueno” right?


I was talking with a friend recently who seemed disturbed by the actions of an associate. After several failed attempts to handle these awkward, uncomfortable outbursts, and underhanded comments with diplomacy, it became apparent – to me – that some people are just hell bent on burning bridges. I’m all for redemption; HOWEVER, after a person continues to leave a gasoline trail on their “bridge” of life, you have to dig in your purse, pull out the lighter (the one you use to light your scented candles of course) and BURN THAT BRIDGE!

The situation reminded me of some wise words I recently heard a man say in which I would like to put out into the universe in hopes this message will reach her and anyone else that can’t figure out why there is a trail of burned bridges showing up in their lives.

“Perhaps it’s that painful experience that happened in your past that’s still manipulating you and making you feel unimportant today?”

If that’s you. “Burn That Bridge!”

“Perhaps it’s that mistake you made that’s causing you to live a life of regret”.

If that’s you. “Burn That Bridge!”

“Maybe it’s those moments of abuse that caused you to believe you’re worthless?”

If this is you. “Burn That Bridge!”

“You gotta understand that some bridges are meant to be burned because there’s certain things”, people and places “you can not afford to go back to”.

“If that bridge is not leading you closer to God; stop crossing it!”
“If that bridge is not leading you closer to Smiles, stop crossing it!”
“If that bridge is not leading you closer to Peace, stop crossing it!”
“If that bridge is not leading you closer to Love, stop crossing it!”

In all fairness, there’s always more underneath the surface of the people that show up in our lives. In addition, we also have to examine the energy that we ourselves are drawing in. “When we keep bridges in our lives that need to be burned, we only cheat our hearts from the bridges that need to be built”.

~ Trent Shelton

It all starts with you. Tell me, What “BRIDGES” do YOU need to burn?

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