“As a result of working with Tara, I have been able to stand firm in my decision to say no and to be confident when I decide to say yes to any one and/or life situations.  I have learned that it is o.k. to be selfish in pursuit of my dreams and my heart’s desire.  Tara  is a God-sent and has personally helped me sort out SO MANY situations  from finances, family and friendships.  After every session with Tara I ALWAYS feel empowered with clear directions to move forward.  She has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be fine.  I recommend working with Tara for anyone who feels like they are stuck in a relationship and needs strategic help sorting out the next best steps for their life.  Tara is REAL, but extremely fair and practical in her coaching style.  One thing that has stuck with me throughout Tara’s program is – THINGS WON’T CHANGE UNTIL YOU DO.  Tara has a great way of making complex situations easier by providing, at appropriate times, her humorous outlook on life’s toughest moments. She’s my soul sister from another mister and I love that I’m both a client and a friend”.

Jasmine W, Florida


“As a result of working with Tara, I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am and what it really means to love myself.  Through our heart to hearts, she has helped me to awaken the Queen in me and to harness the power of positive thinking and how to use it to manifest what I truly want out of life. I’m learning how to embrace my current reality and to own it – good and bad.  I’ve always said to Tara and others that she has a magical gift… she can go from tapping you on the shoulder to say hello; to tugging at your heartstrings in less than 30 seconds! She genuinely cares. She is what I consider a multiplier friend and mentor, in that she encourages your growth, and brings out the best in you.  An opportunity to work with Tara is always opportunity for wisdom, growth and transformation”.

Debbie C. – Florida


“Where do I start?? Tara is an amazing woman, teacher and mentor.  Her passion for assisting women in finding their divine purpose in life, is truly her life calling.  I credit her success in coaching women with her patience, understanding nature, selfless attitude, positivity, support; and her genuine character to see women succeed in life.  She is experienced, dedicated and inspiring!! What more could you ask for in a life coch??  She has been instrumental in the development of my organization, The MillionHeiress Club LLC., from thought to fruition.  I could not recommend a better life coach to inspire you to get on the right path”.

Michele McNabb, Florida

CEO/Founder of The Millionheiress Club


“Tara has been a ray of sunshine from the moment that we met. I can’t say enough about the positive influence she has had over my life. Personally Tara has always been a listening ear and has always had a fresh and unique perspective and wisdom to offer. She has always encouraged me to remain centered, listen to my inner voice, and constantly surround myself with like minded individuals. She has also been very supportive and encouraging when my business partner and I started our businesses. Professionally Tara has always been the beautiful angel whispering over my shoulder to help guide me in the right direction. Tara’s advice has given me the courage to take charge of my career and only work with companies that fit the mold of my core values. Tara continues to be a HUGE positive influence and has contributed to numerous wins in my life both personally and professionally. Tara is the epitome of a life champion, she continues help me to remain resilient and positive no matter the circumstance”.

Jasmine Wheeler, Florida

CEO FemmeNoire International


“When I met Tara D. McLeod I thought I had it all together. You know how some women can be? We pretend that everything is ok until we can’t take it anymore. Tara caught me at the point when I was ready to quit and she gave a new perspective on living and loving. She gave me permission to dream again. She reminded me that my future is greater than the mistakes of my past. Her intuition will make you dig deep to the root cause of your issues and her outgoing personality will make you laugh through your pain.  I would highly recommend Ms. Tara D. McLeod to anyone who is looking to change but really doesn’t know how to do it on their own. If you need tough love and clear direction look no further. If you are ready to rule and reign on your own terms then Tara is your girl! I promise that you won’t be disappointed”!

Katrina M, Michigan

Life Strategist and Health Coach at Fundamentals Spa



“Tara is a great person with a huge heart.  Our conversations have been warm, heartfelt and life changing.  Tara is a person willing to listen and is able to provide guidance and direction without negative criticism.  I firmly believe that she has the ability to pull anyone out of their own mess and push him or her to their own level of greatness!  Thanks so much Tara for being  there when I needed you the most and for the wonderful woman you are!!!”

Shawntell T’Neke, Texas

CEO of The Sensualista


“Working with Tara, I have been able to improve my relationship with my significant other.  With her guidance and best practices to handle the challenges of blending a family and incorporating healthy boundaries through non judgmental communication, I have been able to make the transition with greater ease.  In previous relationships, I did not have a clear understanding of where I was in all of it, but with Tara’s guidance I have been able to make more decisions from a conscious and healthy place.  I recommend working with Tara for any one who is open to making choices that NEED to be made.  Not just for others, but for YOURSELF”!

Priscilla S, Florida


“After working with Tara, I have finally been able to say NO to toxic family members and YES to myself!  As a result, I’ve experienced more peace, I have more energy and I’m not snapping on my co-workers because of my inability to establish healthy boundaries in my personal life.  Tara, I thank you for all the creative tools you provided and for having the patience of Job while helping me to take responsibility for my actions and not try to control the actions of others.  Like I told you before, you have a natural gift to build people up, make them feel seen and freakishly amazing intuition – lol”!

E Hansen, Florida


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